Welcome to CallMeCleverVintageGoods. I’ve fiddled around with my blog’s “clothing” for long enough. Time to get busy!

I’m obsessed with “picking”. I’ve always loved vintage,  my home is filled (though not overflowing YET) with finds from estate sales, auctions and yard sales. The story behind the find captivates me as well. For instance, the history of the cool cylindrical bronzed metal object I found. A sign above the table read; “shipwright tools.” I’d no idea until I did a bit of research that I was looking at a plumb bob. I spend more time researching my finds than I do rummaging through old houses for my treasures!!! Which brings me to my other hobby—I’m a writer and an author. guess you’d call me a right brain thinker. An artiste!

My process goes like this:

Wednesday or Thursday I scour the paper and go online looking for estate sales, Craigslist, rummage sales and auctions.

Friday or Saturday I devote to the hunt.

Monday-Wednesday its time to research recently purchased items and enter the details in my online shop, CallMeCleverVintageGoods.

If I were an extremely organized person . . . this would be a perfect schedule but life gets in the way. Kids, chores, dogs (Mr. Big and Mr. Small), grocery shopping, exercise, dentist appointment. OMG. The dentist. I forgot about my dentist appointment today. You get the drift 🙂


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