Streetside Vintage in Genoa, Italy

I travel to Italy twice a year, though it’s for medical purposes (long story) I never cease to be inspired by the “everyday” vintage finds Genoa.  Really. Check out this old partially burnt door sitting in an alcove by the sidewalk. Ach. I’m just figuring out my wordpress. I wanted it smaller but still. Isn’t it cool? Ok now let me figure out how to move my words to below the picture. . . .Image  Well this isn’t quite right, but anyway try to tolerate my cyberdork problems.

I also found a GREAT vintage sale just down the street from my bed and breakfast on Via Assorotti. Now understand, I do not speak any sort of recognizable Italian, but the Italians love sign language and the more dramatic the better. I’m not kidding. All the vendors tolerated the lone Americana in the mix of shoppers. No chance of looking like a local with red/blond hair. None.

One particular stall intrigued me quite a bit. Here it is. Not only was he friendly but he was willing to bargain, in fact I kinda think he liked to bargain. When I asked him if he had a shop (we spoke in hand signals and cave man Italiagish or Italian English) he replied that he was a vagabond or something colorful like that. He showed me his home on wheels parked immediately next to his stall. Tricked out! Vagabond vintage trading suits him well! Why didn’t I get a shot of his hobbit-like habitat? Damn. But back to the picture of his booth. Here it is. Image  I found some great vintage ashtrays and managed to get them back to Seattle unscathed! A miracle! However I did have a few issues in customs. More on that later.


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